Parkour Project s.r.o.

Kostelni 10/5

CZ-460 01 Liberec

ID: 05719283

VAT: CZ05719283

Trade terms

Executive manager: Rene Soucek, M.A.

Phone: 00420 603 941 770



The Parkour Project s.r.o. company is an exclusive representative and distributor of the American brand TAKE FLIGHT for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company supplies the TKFLT goods also to 23 countries of the European Union.

TAKE FLIGHT has its seat in Beaverton, Oregon, USA, and has been specializing in parkour and freerun gear production already since 2008. The company sells its goods under the following trademarks: TAKE FLIGHT®PARKOUR®, RUN FREE® and TRACEUR®.

TAKE FLIGHT supports many of the world-wide best traceurs, including such parkour "celebrities" as Danee Marmolejo, D'Ondrai Jones, Alex Segura, Joey Adrian, Alexandr Gisych or Nikolaj Stasolik.

In the Czech Republic, the TAKE FLIGHT brand is represented by the traceurs Michal Morávek and Jan Choc.