TAKE FLIGHT 1.0 black shoes


We spent almost two full years developing this shoe, and we've designed it to be the best parkour shoe on the planet. We think you are going to be thrilled with it the first time you put it on.

The Take Flight 1.0 has incredible cushioning, great transitioning, and the best traction you have ever felt on a parkour shoe. As soon as you have them on your feet, you will understand. Choose the right size, better a bit bigger than smaller. 

Shoe designed by Adam Dunlap. The primary advisers on the shoes were Take Flight pros worldwide including Toby Segar, Joey Adrian, Nikolay Stasolik, D'Ondrai Jones, Nathan Jones, Stefan Hinkelmann, and Jonathan Tapp. Initial consultation was provided from David Belle.

Here are the lengths of innersole of the 1.0 shoes. Measure the insole of your current shoes and order a pair of these wonderful parkour shoes accordingly!

Size 43 - 27.5 cm, size 44 - 28 cm 

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A great choice of those who take parkour and freerunning seriously. 

  • Flight Man logo at the heel area and even on the sole
  • TAKE FLIGHT 1.0 inscription and Flight Man at the shoe tongue
  • Incredible cushioning, great transitioning
  • Best traction

nikolaj stasolik z ruska na tréninku testuje take flight 1.0

super boty na parkour v černém provedení. take flight 1.0 - volba profíků!