TAKE FLIGHT ULTRA shock blue shoes


ULTRAs are our newest parkour and freerunning shoes! We have spent two years learning from our Take Flight 1.0 to make our next shoe better than ever, and we think you are going to love the result. We believe that the feeling you have with these shoes on will incite you to train harder. You will love every jump, vault, flip and drop with these shoes.

Our ULTRA shoes are made for all traceurs. They have amazing feel, great traction, they are flexible, and durable! You are going to love the feel from the first time you put it on. Choose the right size, better a bit bigger than smaller.

Shoe designed by Adam Dunlap. The primary advisers on the shoes were Take Flight pros Joey Adrian, D'Ondrai Jones, and Danee Marmolejo.

Here are the lengths of innersole of the Ultra shoes. Measure the insole of your current shoe and order a pair of these wonderful parkour shoes accordingly!

Size 44.5 - 29.8 cm, size 46 - 30.7 cm 

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Do you want to give your workout not only great stability, but also attractive flair? So do not hesitate, read all the information about these shoes, pick your pair and jump, fly and dream!

  • Flight Man at the centre of the shoe side
  • TAKE FLIGHT inscription and Flight Man at the shoe tongue
  • Incredible cushioning, great transitioning
  • Unique design of the sole with the best traction
  • Striking shock blue finish for perfect style of your every picture or video




d'ondrai jones testuje ultras!