If you still are not sure, whether TAKE FLIGHT is the right parkour brand for you, watch these videos. The world-best traceurs trust TAKE FLIGHT and even though you may be at the beginning of your parkour progress, you should be inspired by traceurs with longer training, experiences and skill. And why the best parkour athletes choose TAKE FLIGHT? Watch a couple of videos and you will understand! 

Warning: All jumps and flips are carried out by experienced athletes! Do not try to imitate them, because these exercises and tricks can be very dangerous for untrained novices!

A summer video with Alex Segura inspires to buy a TAKE FLIGHT tank top. And shoes are also worth trying!

Another summer parade with Antonio Quiňonero. Enjoy a great flow and show!

The following video is a total bomb full of dynamite or rather parkour dynamics, as it can look after years of training. The TAKE FLIGHT PRO - fessional from Russia - Nikolay Stasolik.

A great skill that can be achieved after years of effort and hard work is demonstrated by Nathan Jones...  


A video full of great precision jumps and other tricks of Oskara Sanchez...

Erik Krasovski, a TAKE FLIGHT traceur, tests the limits of movement in the most ordinary possible environment: on the stacks of pallets :) 



If you like the videos of TKFLT athletes , you can find several more hundreds of them by  the TKFLT inspired traceurs from all over the world at our YouTube channel:


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